What essential oils are good for snoring?

Do you have a partner that snores every night? I bet it drives you crazy. Quality sleep aka REM sleep is really important these days to be fit and healthy the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep you are more susceptible for getting ill, depression or even get your mood down going to the gym for losing weight.

There are several solutions I’m going to discuss about. First off all were going the natural way home remedy for snoring. We don’t want to use medicines or drug your husband or wife here(or your neighbor if it’s really loud in a flat). Natural cure snoring will also be better for long term. So what options are we talking about? Did you try putting the person in a different position? This helps maybe 50% of the times when somebody snores. With this you can easily prevent the problem. Still no luck? Let’s find you a good night sleep!

Essential oils for snoring

Essential oils is the best option here if you want the most natural way to reduce the problem. It depends on the person if it’s going to disappear completely, but that’s why you here. So we try to the best possible solution. There is also an option for Herbal remedies for snoring but thats not what were going to talk about today. We focus on our EO.
From the stats at least forty percent of the men and twenty-five percent of woman over the age of 65 snores. Not only older people but younger ones also have this problem. It’s important to get to the roots of what’s causing the snoring to reduce or completely eliminate this. Using essential oils is a tryout what’s works best individually and stops your person from snoring and you’d be shocked with the result!

Snoring relief using Thyme Essential oil

Number one essential oil is thyme essential oil also known as Thymus Vulgaris. This not only helps for snoring but also for improving the immune system,muscles and joins, spasms, removing toxic from the body. Mix thyme essential oil with a carrier oil(MUST) like FCO(Fractionated Coconut Oil). Just apply this blend at the bottom of the big toe(2 drops) repeating it every night before sleep. This is known as a reflex area for the neck as described in the reflexology charts. So it is actually the best spot to get rid of snoring. Other option is to diffuse the oil in the air. The best time to start the diffuser is about an half hour before sleep. This will be enough to prepair the room for sleep and easy breathing. For some people the scent only is strong(high concentration oils are used here) then other oil blends can be used like RC from YoungLiving or Breathe from doTerra.

Valor Essential oil for snoring

Valor-essential-Oil-for-snoring Young Living

Ingredients of this oil, actually a combination of Rosewood oil, Frankincense oil and Blue Tansy oil is to get a well balanced oil to use it for multiple body health benefits. It’s known for an superfresh aftershave, but also keeps you calm at the same time. Gets you out of anxiety, depression, joint pain and balance your energy. So how can we use this for our snoring partner? This is where the ‘calm’ parts jumps in.  Just apply this to the base of the right big toe(2 drops) to get a super relaxed night sleep. Still amazing how these oils can get you in great shape and heal your life, you just have to let them in and start using them!

Essential oils for snoring recipes

So you tried the above essential oils to cure snoring and got no luck? Lets make some oil recipes to see if this helps you get rid of the snoring train. These recipes are sort by light to heavy snoring (except 4 and 5)

Recipe 1:

This one is for a beginner snoring person. When it’s not as much noise but still keeps you awake.

Mix 2 drops of Breathe doTerra (Respiratory blend) with a FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil)carrier oil. Rub this mix on the chest.

Recipe 2:

This recipe is more for a snoring person thats been doing for years and within 10 minutes off sleep( if you know what i mean). Easy snoring person and kind off annoying.

Take 2 drops of Respiratory Blend with FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil)carrier oil. Rub this on the chest. Now take 2 drops of an protective blend like ON GUARD doTerra, put this in a half cup of water. Put this in your mouth and gargle just like your brushing your teeth. Spit it out. Do this all before going to bed, like said after brushing your teeth.

Recipe 3:

HEAVY TRAIN snoring person recipe. This one is a heavy mix and should be used with caution if nothing else works!

At bedtime take 1 drop of Cypress oil and mix it up with 2 drops of FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil) carrier oil. Like the other methods do not rub this on the chest, but on the throat. Next take 1 drop of Thyme Essential oil and mix it up with 4 drops of FCO. This one goes to the feets big toe. As extra use a diffuser with Marjoram essential oil for snoring in the bedroom ( best place is next to the bed)

Recipe 4:

2 drops of R.C. – Rub this on the chest

2 drops of Valor & Cedarwood – Rub this on the big toe before falling asleep. If Cedarwood is not avaiable in your stock, then you can replace it with Lavender essential oil. This essential oils for snoring will also work great with that.

Recipe 5:

Not really an recipe but can work if nothing works for you. Just use essential oils for snoring doTerra.

Peace and Calming Essential oils in the diffuser at your bedroom before sleep.

Conclusion – Do essential oils work for snoring?

82% of the people using essential oils for snoring gets results or even snore no more. Now you can get a good night off sleep. First experiment which method works. I bet you never thought there were that many options huh? And that without use of any medicine, just the home remedy of snoring. These methods also work without a problem for essential oils for snoring and sleep apnea. This has to do with the calming effect off almost every blend. Hope you get a little bit of relief with essential oils now! Sleep thight!


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