How To Make Essential Oils

You have heard about the healing properties of essential oils but what are they composed of? Essential Oils are composed of natural plant extracts and organic compounds like esters and alcohol. How To Make Essential Oils?

These oils can be prepared at home following simple methods and on a large scale for business purpose also. When choosing the raw materials for these essential oils like wild flowers, care should be that to check that these flowers should not be exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides. This would create problem when the essential oils are being made. The flowers need to be picked when they are mature and handled with care. This flower oil can be used for several different purposes like skincare, health benefits to get you relaxed or even things where the medical world struggles with, snoring from your partner. If the medical world doesn’t help you can always try the natural way with the oils. Due the 100% organic state of the ingredients used for creating the oils there is a much higher chance (actually I prefer this) of helping your problem. Sometimes doctors don’t have answers and you have to move to other methods like aromatherapy or acupuncture. So lets dive into the first one aromatherapy!

What are the different methods used to create these essential oils?

When essential oils are made one has to consider various factors like the plant from which it is extracted, the expenses used in the extraction of essential oils and what level of extraction is undertaken. The basic methods to extract these oils from a plant or herb are:

How do we make essential oils at home
1.    Creating oils from pressing nuts and seeds

One of the most traditional methods of essential oil extraction involves pressing nuts, seeds and even lemon rinds of plant and extracting oil from them. Various types of pressing are used which are:

•    Essential Oils extracted from cold presses

In this method the plant is cut into small portions and pressed against a steel roller which is about 5 inches long. Then the crushed plant material is placed for seven minutes in a controlled temperature of atmospheric pressure measuring around 300 degrees. The pressure amount produces heat and this helps in creating the essence oils. This method of extracting essence oil is more expensive than the others listed here.

•    Essence Oils extracted from the application of hot pressures

Here the plants are laid down and hot presses are undertaken involving as much as fifteen tons of pressure over an area of square inch. The temperature used in this hot pressure method is within 65 degree centigrade to 150 degree centigrade.

2.    Enfleurage

•    In this method of how to make essential oils the procedure involves fatty acid being absorbed into the essential oils. Enfleurage method is used to extract essence oils from soft flowers like lavender flowers or rose petals. These flowers or petals are placed in special glass dish which has the presence of purified fat. In traditional times the plant materials were placed in pure lard every seventy two hours and the process is continued until the lard would get saturated with the essential oil. The prepared mixture is called pomade. This essential oils from a plant has really good health benefits to boost your metabolism and body balance.

•    The pomade is then mixed with oil. The result is that the lard settles in the bottom of the vessel and the essential oil gets mixed with alcohol which acts like a solvent. The solvent is then heated over a low flame and the essential oils are accumulated in a collecting vessel.

•    Using the distillation process the alcohol is separated from the essential oil.

The Enfleurage is considered one of the most appropriate methods for essence oil extraction and the quality of the extracted is very good. Jasmine and Rose oil is extracted with this method.

3.    Maceration

In this method the plant extract from where oil is to be extracted is soaked in oil. This method would take many months to complete and this would depend on the degree of concentration of extraction oil is needed. You can use this method in your home to extract oil and use it abundantly.

4.    Distillation of essential oils

When you want to learn how to make essential oils for eucalyptus oil, then this method is used. The basic steps used in the distillation process are:

•    The plant material is steamed and the oil evaporates with the steam.

•    When the steam is converted to water after cooling down, this it is collected in a vessel. Then the water collected contains essential oil which is present on the top of the water. These essential oils are removed from water and then stored in small containers.

5.    Creating essential oils by the ancient separation of oils from heat

In this method the plant materials are kept in a heat proof container and then put over a water bath. The constant presence of low heat makes the plant material to give the essence oils on a steady basis. Then the extracted oil is placed in a new container. The process continues for hours till you get the quantity of essence oil you need. This method is used to extract oils like turpentine oil.

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