When you buy essential oils they are very expensive and cost a bomb for a small bottle. You can stop spending your money on them and learn How To Make Essential Oils at home. The process to create these essential oils is very simple. You can later incorporate these oils into your daily soap and candles and gift them to your friends. Your friends would relish these personalized little gifts and would want to learn the method from you.

What are the basic steps to make these essential oils at home?

1.    The first step in how to make these essential oils is to choose the flower from where you want to extract the essence oil. You can choose from a variety of flowers like rose, honey suckle and the fragment lavender.

2.    Now you need to choose an oil base for your essence oil creation. A simple grape seed oil would suit your purpose well.

how to make essential oils at home3.    The other things that you need to keep ready before you start to make your oil at home are small clean bottles to store the finished essential oil, a cheesecloth, funnel, storage bag and a mallet.

4.    Now take the picked flowers and place them in a storage bag. In order to mash the flowers, use a mallet and smash the flowers lightly. Do not smash the flowers heavily or else there would be no oil to be extracted.

5.    Place the cheesecloth over an empty glass container. Now place the mashed flowers over the cloth and then gently pour the grape seed oil over it.

6.    For the next few days take a batch of freshly picked flowers that have been mashed and then add the grape seed oil over them.

7.    After four or five days the essential oils would have collected on the bottom of the jar and you can store it in a fresh container.

8.    You can store the essential oil or a day or two and use it. If you want to add it in your soap, you can create soaps at home and add a few drops of essential oil in it.

What are the advantages of using this essential oil?

When you create Lavender or Tea Tree oil at home you enjoy these benefits which are:

•    Lavender Essence Oil Benefits

1.    Removes stress and anxiety from your body.

2.    Helps you to sleep.

3.    Relieves paints of your joints.

4.    Keeps your scalp and skin free from lice.

5.    Regulates your blood circulation.

6.    Quickly solves respiratory problems.

•    Tea Tree Oil

1.    It can be used on your feet and has anti fungal features.

2.    Can be used as an antiseptic for creams and burns.

3.    Clears chest congestion.

4.    Treats sinus problem quickly

5.    Cures dandruff problems in hair.

When you take time and learn how to make these essential oils at home you save a lot of money. If you love making them you can start a small home based business and you would have large customers coming to you in no time. You can also get into an affiliate program of the bigger brands if you don’t like to create your own goods. The benefit from this is that you get a small commission if you sell one bottle. Great thing to sell to your aunt huh? And they don’t even lose money on you.

If you created several oils at home you can make your own recipes for different purposes. Skincare, health balance or just to relax, everything is possible with essential oils. Usually where doctors stop the natural path continues with home remedies. One of them are these beloved oils to enrich your life. Use them with care, because the oils are highly concentrated, especially if you buy them (for the lazy people). After all im encouraging to produce it at your own windowsill with benefits that there is absolutely no chemicals and bad things involved.

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