Rosemary essential oils, some of you have heard of it some of you don’t. Today i’m going to talk about how to create this essential oils from rosemary leaves.

Why do I need to make rosemary essential oils?

Rosemary has multiple health and mental benefits. It can be used as an ingredient in shampoos and other hair repair products for improvement of the growth and strength of your hair. For oral use its also a disinfecting mouthwash. If you have a bad smelly room then one spray of rosemary essential oils mixed with water can take away the smells. As aromatherapy, rosemary essential oils can increase concentration and give you a mental energy boost. It also relieves breathing problems and reduces muscle soreness and pain. Ofcourse it’s a lot cheaper if you know how to make rosemary essential oil yourself than spending a lot money at the shop. The only thing you need are the fresh ingredients. Try to go for 100% organic (you can get this at your local store).

What do I need to get started?

You will need fresh rosemary leaves, a pair of glass jars or bottles to store the rosemary essential oil. Sieve for washing the leaves. Pure olive oil to create high quality oil. A sieve to catch the extracted leaves. If you don’t have one of the above items use a similar item to achieve te same. Try to improve things with items you already have ( thats why we do it ourself) so you do not have to buy new equipment.

Steps how to create your own  rosemary essential oil:

    • First of all cut the fresh rosemary leaves and drop it in a colander. After you have a handful of leaves in the colander wash it with water and let it dry for at least 3 hours.
    • After it’s dried up(check first if they are drie, otherwise let it dry in the sun) put the rosemary in the glass jar or bottle. Drying is very important, otherwise you get a mixture of water and oil that degrades
    • Now put the olive oil in the jar. It has to cover up all the leaves plus a bit extra. Place a lid on the jar and put this on your windowsill to catch sunlight. Leave it there for 3 days.
    • Give it a good shake every 6-9 hours to create high quality essential oil.
    • After 3 days take a second jar and pick up a sieve. Put fresh leaves in the second jar and put the sieve on the top of the jar. Poor everything for the first jar into the second jar(squeeze the sieves rosemary leaves to get every extra oil drop.
    • Now let the jar at the windowsill and give it a shake every 6-9 hours 3 days long.
    • You can do the steps one more time to create more concentrated oil, but for main purpose its good.
    • Your jar of rosemary essential oils is ready and can be used! Keep the lid of the jar closed thightly and store this in a dark and cool room.


We know now how to make rosemary essential oil, but how do I use it?

As stated before there is a whole list how you can use the oil properly. We will go through a short list how we can use the oils to increase your body balance or boost metabolism.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy, high blood pressure or epilepsy. Keep out of ears, eyes or nose.

Aromatherapy – Diffused or inhaled directly.

Topical – Use it to apply on the skin with a primer oil, such as coconut oil. 1 drop to max 3 teaspoons.

Internal – CAUTION *Not recommended for most brands.

Neat – Apply the rosemary essential oil without dilution to the skin directly. Test your skin first to see the reaction ( sensitive skin types)

Bath – U can add 2 drops to your bath water of rosemary essential oils. This will get you relaxed and feeds the skin.

Body – Use it as body moisturizer

Massage –  The oil can be used as massage oil( on special occasions)

Food – Use it in your food to flavor it. Don’t use to much due the high concentrated oil.

A complete list how to use it 50+ ways

Photo: © Tony Alter

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